The name Chiswick originates from the Old English Ceswican, meaning ‘cheese farm’, and a cheese market could be found at Dukes Meadow up until the 1800s. In fact, you can still get some pretty great cheese at the weekly farmer’s market too – but if good cheese has remained a constant in Chiswick very little else has. In the Victorian era, the industrialisation of London meant that the population grew 10 fold, and by the 1930’s Chiswick was a bustling town.
It is in the 1930’s that the story of Power Road Studios begins. The Warehouse which is now Studio 1 was originally built by the American Singer Sewing Machine company. With sales of the machines reaching up to 2,000 per week, the warehouse quickly became a leading distribution centre for the country.


There’s no record of Power Road Studios taking a direct hit during the war, but sewing machine manufacturing did, when the companies primary activity turned to producing war munitions. In the 1950’s Singer’s main factory in Scotland underwent complete modernisation, which meant they no longer needed their storage and distribution hub ‘down South’.


However, it was the decade of the television and the warehouse was quickly snapped up by the ever-expanding BBC. The Equipment Department moved in and made it their home – housing workshops where electronic equipment was manufactured, tested and stored.


There’s a fascinating video made in 1984 which you can view HERE. If you do watch the video you’ll see Gryphon and George, the two lion-like beasties who stood guard at the entrance. When the BBC moved out Gryphon and George went too and they now happily reside at Kingswood Warren.
The BBC set the tone for the future of Power Road Studios, bringing their advanced technology and creative spark, their legacy lived on and during the 1990’s and 2000’s Power Road Studios evolution into modern studio space began.


In 2015, Helical acquired the site. Their vision, to transform Power Road Studios into a creative neighbourhood.


Helical is one of the UK’s leading property companies with a substantial development and investment portfolio, in London and throughout the UK. Helical are committed to the provision of high quality, dynamic office space for entrepreneurial and creative businesses.


Working with award-winning architects Barr Gazetas, the refurbishment of Studio 1 was completed in October 2017 to provide 16,000 sq ft of premium workspace, channelling the beautiful heritage features of the former warehouse. The remodelling of the entrance has created a new gateway into the scheme, joining the individual studios, to build a more collaborative environment.


The gardens at the entrance to the building and the communal courtyard are being landscaped to provide a place for people to meet, relax or just get away from the hustle and bustle of the office.


Stay tuned for future plans at Power Road Studios